Oh my! 25? Did I make it!? Yes, I know, It’s technically the 26 here and I only managed to do half of it Daily but I still finished it! I’m so proud of myself! Next year I’ll definitely organise better, some of these posts are not even spell checked! Ahahahah! But yeah… I feel so different from when I started? Back in October even if I was in my best shape posting and editing and taking pictures was a huge effort, I needed the right mindset, the right place, the right cup of tea, the right light and silence… now I think I could write one anywhere, I just need the physical time and not to be falling asleep on the keyboard!
In this month I realised that It’s ok to go around things and have setbacks, that doesn’t make you a failure! Hell, failing doesn’t make you a failure! I realised that I can make it, that writing can be part of my routine and I am creative enough to give you guys content! ( Not playlists, I’m boring as hell music-wise! ) I understood what held me back, what mind games my anxiety was playing, and I learnt how to fight them when not necessary and to listen to them when I realised they were the voice of my exhaustion! I learned that maybe I need to look after myself, that stopping and resting are ok, that posting four posts in one day is not the best idea, but that if I want to stick to something I can. I might get there late, but I’ll be there! I’m genuinely looking forward to next blogmas! But what I’m looking more forward to is sticking to an editorial calendar in 2019! I’m going to promise you guys one blog posts a week but I’ll try to blog twice a week, just because I don’t like to promise something big at the beginning of the year, not when my other resolutions are so big! But, yeah, I’ll manage an average of 2 posts, I’m sure!
For those who followed my journey through this blogmas, thank you! For those of you who just found my blog, welcome! And for everyone that will read this in the future, this is where books and curves really started.

oh, by the way! If you head to my blog you’ll find a 10L amazon voucher giveaway! See you friday!

I’ve been in London a bit more than 3 years and for the past 3 years I’ve spent Christmas on my own, at the beginning it was refreshing, it still is I guess, my family at home is… pretty full-on Christmas-wise, My mother is obsessed with this holiday, my entire family gets together and the day is a run of passive aggressiveness, hints at my weight and my being single first from my mother side of the family and later from my dad’s part of it! That day leaves me always anxious and upset so for the first two years curling up with a book on my own, in silence in a bed made with new linens and the fireplace app on my laptop was simply a gift to myself from myself. It helped also that for the past two years my mental health hadn’t been at its peak, isolating myself and recharging seemed like the best idea and it was! Really!
This year, however, I found myself in need to get out, to do things, to enjoy the holidays! I tried so hard during the run to that day to feel Christmas as I usually do and it wasn’t until the 19 that I started doing so! Oh, Christmas spirit come and hit me square in the face, please! I knew that the Christmas party with the secret Santa would’ve done the trick and I was not disappointed ( my secret Santa got me a Filofax! Can you believe it!?)!


Once I was in the Christmas spirit and yule was behind me I decided that I, for sure, needed to accept my friends invite this year and spend at least one day with them! We decided to celebrate Christmas eve as I would’ve already been out for work and on Christmas public transports are nonexistent! Let me start with saying I never had more fun. I don’t do other people’s places or mine for what is worth, Lately, I’ve limited myself to meet my friends in cafés, cinemas and so on! So I had never been at Silvia’s even if a while ago she moved a lot nearer to me!  ( I don’t like new things or changes, can you guys tell? )

So, yeah, me and my half-made vegan shepherds pie ( of which I’ll write the recipe soon on the blog) made our way to my friend’s house and a few glasses of wine, several trips made by S. to the store, three Christmas playlists, five forks lost, two way-too-sharp knives  and four baking trays later,  we were laughing and enjoying the amazing food that mainly Julia had prepared  ( that woman does know how to make a mean steak)! I just love my friends so much and I love being around them, I just forget how comfortable and amazing it is just to chat and linger around, how adorable is getting to tickle each other or mock one another, how judge free is to open up with them and how undoubtedly you can feel at home just doing a movie marathon or drinking mulled wine and just relax basking in each other laughter. Anxiety, depression, self-consciousness, over thinking and laziness stops me way too many times to spend time with the people I care about, to reach out, keep in touch and just be together for the sake of it. In 2019 I want to be better at this, to remember more often how it feels to leave from a night like that with a stupid smile on my face and knowing that the world has people like Silvia and Julia, but also people like  Alice, Josh, Bethan and Marta ( yay, shout-outs!) in it! People so amazing, talented, open, forgiving, patient, understanding, creative, witty, funny, warm and spectacular and that I’m so so so lucky that I can call them my friends is the best Christmas present I can ever ask for.

So Happy Holidays, Happy Blogmas, I love you all!

As you know by now one of my resolutions for 2019 is to get into Audiobooks. My scepticism is high, and I tend to feel incredibly guilty listening to them, I do think they are a more than valid way to read a book! I just have this weird feeling every time I try!

When I went to the meet and greet with Been Aaronovitch last month I realised that his last novella was an Audible exclusive! He talked at length about the audiobooks and how perfect Kobna Holdbrook-Smith was for that Job and how whenever he wrote about nightingale he could hear Kobna’s voice for him. I was intrigued but, see, the thing with Audiobooks is that they make me awkward! I just keep on focusing on the different voices the reader makes and, sincerely every time I end up annoyed at the impossible high pitched screeching of every single feminine character and the buff take to the extremely masculine characters. Recognising each of them is difficult two because – at least in the one I’ve tried to listen so far –  the reader has only two sets of voices! So what made me change my mind? Well, I went to watch Mary Poppins the other day and in the credits I spotted Kobna’s name! Now I didn’t even know how this guy looked like, I hadn’t googled him and I kind of live under a rock ( I know, I even work in a theatre… * facepalm* ) In the credits it just said his name so for all I knew he could’ve been an ensemble member or a narrating voice! I decided to just enjoy my movie and go on.

When I left the theatre I had forgotten all about it and, while talking to a friend of mine I was praising actors and similar and I just went on about one peculiar character until my friend goes ” Ah, Kobna! You should know him! He performed your favourite series! ” I was… shocked!  I needed the audiobooks, yesterday! so I downloaded a rare book of cunning devices and I was sold. Kobna’s voice is perfect, flawless and entertaining! The peace is exactly the one I would’ve had while reading the books and The voices were so… refreshing! In the story, we only have three characters and I was happy to realise that Peter’s voice was perfect as well as surprised about Postmartin’s voice! Which I hadn’t exactly imagined at all but made so much sense! What did I do next? Well, I listened to the entire audiobook in one setting, it not being too long and then I gifted myself the entire series for Christmas! I can’t wait to fill my commute with them! Also, I now have something to bring with me for the new year when I’ll start going to the gym! I’m sure I will still find narrators that just gets on my nerves and don’t resonate with me at all, but for now I’m just happy knowing that I can enjoy also this type of reading and incorporate it with my reading routine, especially when lighting is not at its best so that I can avoid migraines!

All of you can Find the rivers of London audiobooks as well as ebooks and fisical editions on amazon!
Happy ( belated ) Blogmas!